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My name is Michelle and this is my site. I am a mother of two wonderful children and wife to a loving husband. We have found the benefits of homestay and education to be such a wonderful experience. I have been asked by many "How do I get involved?' I decided to start creating a resource for people all over the world. 





Our site offers several benefits. Access to online support and homestay resources, databases for finding travelers to come and stay with you OR for finding a place to stay while you travel and we send periodic updates with new postings and information that is specific to your needs.

If you are looking to offer your accommodations, make sure to put in as much information about who you are in your membership profile plus take advantage of this FREE forum to advertise yourself and your home, school, esl services today!   


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If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to Contact us.


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    • "Michelle is a great placement mom - I stayed with her for two months in school and the best thing about her house is her cooking! YUM!"
      Jackie Chan
      Happy student

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