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Progress In English Through Homestay

Christine Robbins, BA Hons, DipM, CTEFLA

It seems that everywhere you look these days for information about English classes, be it directories, English clubs or EFL websites, the word "homestay" is always to be found, often as a category by itself, away from the list of schools. But what exactly are homestay classes How are they different from studying at an English school? And what are their advantages and disadvantages?..... Read Article

Preparing the Space

The room you are renting to your Guests is one of the most important parts of running a Homestay. Your Guest will spend a great amount of time in their room.

All rooms should be bright and clean, with a working window to the exterior wall. The room should be large enough to accommodate a bed and dresser, closet and a desk with some room left over for living space.

There are many ways to make the guest room attractive......Read Article


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  • "Michelle is a great placement mom - I stayed with her for two months in school and the best thing about her house is her cooking! YUM!"
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